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The majority of woodlands in Cumbria are conifer plantations and broadleaved woods either planted or naturally occurring but there are some mixed woodlands as well. A study, The National Inventory of Woodlands and Trees for Cumbria, despite being carried out 15 years ago, accurately shows a trend back towards broadleaf woodlands after an intensive period of coniferisation in the post-war era. We believe that today an estimation of the ratio between the two is about Conifer Plantations Sitka spruce: Pine sp, Douglas fir, and other exotics: It is important to remember that the conifer woodlands have been part of the Cumbrian landscape for over years.

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An anti-fracking protest in West Sussex Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Sites for gas fracking have been revealed across the North in a new map. The majority of land in the North East is shown to be under consideration for the controversial gas extraction method which led to protests outside a drilling site in West Sussex last year.

We’re testing a new site: This content is coming soon The hydraulic fracturing system known as fracking, involves fracturing rocks deep underground with water and chemicals to extract natural gas and has been found to significantly cut energy bills in the USA. However environmental campaigners in the UK are concerned over two small tremors recorded at a drilling site in Lancashire as well as the levels of water needed in the process and the use of chemicals.

View gallery The only areas of the country where fracking is not being considered due to the unlikeliness of extracting shale gas is the Lake District National Park, Northumberland National Park, most of Devon and Cornwall, Wales, Suffolk and Essex.

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Fulling mill dating from the late Middle Ages converted into a large 3-storey woollen mill in More plain people and places on the Cumbrian Solway Plain: Holme rt History Group, Mill (pre ) alongside the River Cocker were both constructed as woollen mills, as was the short-lived Sanderson’s Woollen Mill on the.

Tori, Lisa, Haylie, and Josh Chat rooms can be very dangerous, and in some cases deadly. For example, one case in Denver, Colorado, a year-old custodian for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was arrested for being accused of sexual contact with a year-old girl that he met in a social networking website called Mocospace. The girl had told detectives that they met in a chat room in mid-January, and he told her his name was Alex. They had exchanged text messages and a few phone calls before Sanchez-Castro drove to her house, picked her up in his car, and sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions.

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So why is Bangladesh so prone to flooding? Well the answer to this requires consideration of both the physical landscape and conditions of the country and the impact of its population. Bangladesh receives large amounts of water passing through it with two major rivers the Ganges and Brahmaputra converging and forming a huge delta see picture formed from silt deposited by the river as it enters the sea. Both rivers have large volumes of water flowing through them to the sea as they have large drainage basins which increasing the flood risk; Bangladesh has a monsoon climate and the annual torrential rains which result often result in the rivers exceeding their capacity and flooding; In the spring, melting snow from the Himalayas further increases the flood risks as torrents of melt water enter the rivers at their source.

Human causes of flooding in Bangladesh Increasing population pressure in the foothills of the Himalayas where the rain contributes to the source of the River Ganges and Brahmaputra has resulted in intense deforestation. Indeed deforestation in the headwaters is also believed to be responsible for the increased soil erosion which has led to large amount of silt being washed into the rivers and subsequently being deposited on the river bed, reducing its channel capacity and increasing the likelihood of flooding.

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Brambles by Graham Brooks The Romans developed the burning of limestone to make lime for use in building as a mortar, although there is little evidence of their kilns in the country. During the Middle Ages, with the increase in building, the demand for lime again increased. However until the middle of the eighteenth century most lime kilns were temporary structures near to the site where the lime was required.

These were either left to collapse after use or dismantled. In some places the limestone was simply burnt in clamps or pye kilns, in which coal slack and limestone were burned in an enclosed heap. Vast numbers of lime kilns were built and many farmers had their own. Elsewhere large blocks of kilns were built and run commercially so that farmers could buy their lime. These were usually situated next to canals or railways to make transport easier.

Burning limestone, which is calcium carbonate, gives you quick lime, calcium oxide. Mixed with water this produces slaked lime, calcium hydroxide. When slaked lime or quick lime was added to the land it raised its pH and so improved its fertility. Slaked lime was also used as lime putty for building.

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Aldborough Roman Site, Yorkshire Urban Centre Once the capital of a Romanised tribe of native Britons, visitors today can still see two beautiful Roman mosaics as well as the remains of the town wall and a museum exploring the history of the town. Ambleside Roman Fort, Cumbria Roman Fort Dating back to the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, this fort was originally built for two purposes; to protect the Ravenglass to Brougham Roman Road as well as acting as a supply base for Hadrian’s Wall to the north.

A Roman bathhouse has also been discovered a short distance south of the fort. It is now thought that Agricola’s Ditch also known as the Vallum was built as a boundary for the militarised zone around Hadrian’s Wall, i. Arbeia Roman Fort, Northumberland Hadrian’s Wall Fort Once a maritime supply fort for Hadrian’s Wall, today Arbeias barracks and gatehouse have been reconstructed and a museum set up to showcase the history of the site. Ardotalia, Derbyshire Roman Fort This unexcavated fort could have once housed up to troops and until the late 18th century, the stone remains could still be seen.

AN Ambleside album cover and two newsworthy appearances by The Beatles are among the Cumbrian contributions to a geographical guide to Britain’s rock history. David Roberts’s ‘Rock Atlas’ is a mammoth work containing great music locations and the fascinating stories behind them. The new.

Location[ edit ] The name Rheged appears regularly as an epithet of a certain Urien in a number of early Welsh poems and royal genealogies. His victories over the Anglian chieftains of Bernicia in the second half of the 6th century are recorded by Nennius and celebrated by the bard Taliesin , who calls him “Ruler of Rheged”. He is thus placed squarely in the North of Britain and perhaps specifically in Westmorland when referred to as “Ruler of Llwyfenydd” identified with the Lyvennet Valley.

Although it is possible that Rheged was merely a stronghold, it was not uncommon for sub-Roman monarchs to use their kingdom’s name as an epithet. It is generally accepted, therefore, that Rheged was a kingdom covering a large part of modern Cumbria. Recent archaeological excavations at Trusty’s Hill, a vitrified fort near Gatehouse of Fleet , and the analysis of its artefacts in the context of other sites and their artefacts have led to claims that the kingdom was centred on Galloway early in the 7th century.

Certainly Urien’s kingdom stretched eastward at one time, as he was also “Ruler of Catraeth ” Catterick in North Yorkshire.

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Michael – Cartmel Dating back to the 12th century, Cartmel Priory welcomes locals, tourists and pilgrims alike Sunday service is 11am , as it has been doing for the last years. Founded in tours of the Priory are available, explaining developements over the years. The tour promises an enchanting journey including insights into the daily routine of life in a monastery in addition to stories of the battles with Henry VIII. Witches, a mermaid and a monkey also feature – if you are wondering how these are relevant to a tour of Cartmel Pirory Find out if a race is going to be held whilst you are in Cumbria by checking the Cartmel Fixtures list.

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All from England and vary in date from c. The group shows a variety of styles that were around at that time. London pipe bowls c. These show how the styles remained similar over the years but the bowls get bigger as tobacco got cheaper. Some of these were smoked at the time of the English Civil War right up to the plague. Condition varies with some slight chipping and staining.

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