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Personality[ edit ] Jackie is a self-centered, spoiled member of a wealthy family who can be rather insensitive to the needs and feelings of others, though is regarded by many as attractive and fashionable, about which she can be quite vain. She is one of the program’s most conceited characters, and can behave quite selfishly. She looks down upon those of lower status in her school and has been said to treat them unfairly, and on the occasions she has treated them with respect she has not continued to do so for very long or only did it knowing that she could be rewarded for behaving in such a manner, such as when she ran for the title of “Snow Queen” but was utterly disappointed when she loses the election.

For the most part, Jackie only cares about herself, and fashion is among one of the few other things that she is concerned about.

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Red’s American pride, and how he considers any other countries inferior, especially when it comes to war. For example, when he was eating waffles What’s so Belgian about them? They crumble at the hands of the Nazis. When the gang was trying to sneak the Vista Cruiser out, they get caught. Kelso, get back here. From the begining of the episode “Hyde Moves In”, instead of just crusing the Vista Cruiser all night, the gang decide to go skinny-dipping.

However, there are some Hey, naked is dirty.

‘That ’70s Show’: Where are they now?

Hyde didn’t say anything. He just stared ahead. The only thing he could think about was how upset Jackie must be. The only thing he wanted to do was comfort her, put his arms around her and tell her it would be all right. But he couldn’t do that. That was Fez’s job.

Fez pretends to date Donna in a ruse to avoid Caroline, while Eric and Hyde start a money pool to see when Kelso and Jackie will argue and bicker again. After looking at his property deed, Bob believes he owns part of Red’s property, which frustrates him.

Their first album, called Il Divo, sold 4m copies around the world and the second, Ancora, was released in November. In March and April, the group will play 12 dates in Britain as part of their world tour. Buhler grew up in a village near Lucerne, Switzerland, where, at 20, he attended the Academy for School and Church Music. Five years later he studied voice at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

He spent seven years performing with the Netherlands Opera before being discovered by pop svengali Simon Cowell, who had searched out the four members of Il Divo over two years. How much money do you have in your wallet? I always carry my money in my pocket. The English money will pay for my dinner tonight in London.

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Jackie Burkhart 18Which character worked at a cheese store? As mentioned, several of the characters worked multiple jobs throughout the series. Eric and Red worked at Price Mart with Red serving as his manager and making his life a living hell, at least for periods of time.

After lying to casting directors about her age, a thenyear-old Kunis was cast as the selfish and conceited Jackie Burkhart on “That ’70s Show,” girlfriend to Kelso and self-declared best.

Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: In “The Good Son. My mom always said that a waffle iron was a luxury like pillow cases or not getting hit. Season seven even saw a shift of storylines focusing more on his Character Development than Eric’s. Breaking the Fourth Wall: An interesting case occurred in the Halloween episode “Too Old to Trick and Treat, Too Young to Die”, where after Kelso made a comment that was actually the main idea of the episode namely being in an Alfred Hitchcock movie without knowing , a musical sting played, where with each beat that played, we cut to a closeup of each member of the gang staring at the camera.

In “Water Tower”, after Eric tells Laurie that the reason he was acting weird was because he saw Red and Kitty have sex, the camera zooms in on Laurie’s shocked face looking to said camera before she hugs Eric in comfort. Horribly subverted in one episode when the target of said booby trap is not the one intended Red, instead of Kelso. Mercifully averted with Red, who is clearly an intelligent man, and hardly ever does anything foolish.

Played straight with Bob and Kelso. The Thanksgiving episode in Season 5 used the “Baby, baby, baby, baby, oooo! A half-successful one in Season 7. Eric says, about Hyde and Kelso respectively, “No heart, no brain”, then points to himself and says “No courage.

That ’70s Show – where are the cast now?

Email The Formans’ basement is about to get a little less crowded. After seven seasons, up-and-coming stars Ashton Kutcher search and Topher Grace search are putting “That ’70s Show” search behind them, opting to leap into the present and pursue other projects. But by the hugs and tears at the finale, you can tell the decision was bittersweet. In Wednesday night’s season finale 8 p. Both now-hot actors got their start on the show.

“That ’70s Show” is turning 20! Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved Fox sitcom’s Aug. 23, premiere — and Topher Grace and Laura Prepon, who played young sweethearts Eric and.

Contents [ show ] About At the beginning of the series, Jackie looks down on Fez , seeing him as a lower status than her, and generally being prejudice against foreigners. However when Fez kisses her, tells Donna how amazing it was and is mesmerized by his talent on the dance floor. Jackie is also jealous of or abrasive towards all of Fez’ girlfriends, however this is seemingly because she no longer has him adoring her. Fez, while infatuated with Jackie at the beginning of the show, moves on to various relationships all the while maintaining some semblance of friendship with Jackie.

When finally Jackie realizes that Fez is the one for her, she struggles with telling him and they start a romance as the series ends. Series arc In the first half of the series, Fez longingly pined for Jackie Burkhart , worshiping her like a queen although he was often just as annoyed by her as the other members of the gang. Jackie either failed to realize his love for her or didn’t act upon it because he was too weird or foreign, and therefore way below her standards.

They shared a kiss in one episode when he mistakenly thought Jackie was opening up to him.

Jackie Burkhart

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May 20,  · That 70’s show jackie kisses fez caroline walks in gets pissed attacks fez fez gets hit in the face jackie explains 2 fez what the kiss was about And turns d.

After eight seasons of marijuana smoking sessions in the Forman basement, the psychedelic series ended but became a launching pad for some of the actors’ careers. On this anniversary of the series premiere, we check in on the cast of “That ’70s Show. More about ‘That ’70s Show’ Video: Clips and moreWho’s your favorite “That ’70s Show” success story?

After lying to casting directors about her age, a then year-old Kunis was cast as the selfish and conceited Jackie Burkhart on “That ’70s Show,” girlfriend to Kelso and self-declared best friend to Donna. After appearing in all episodes of the sitcom, Kunis had her breakout film role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and then garnered international acclaim in “Black Swan.

Jackie suffered from coulrophia, the fear of clowns, after walking in on her mom making out with a clown at her 7th birthday party. He’s played the lead in romantic comedies like “Dude, Where’s My Car?


Topher Grace The main character. Is a sci-fi nerd but has a wild streak in him that emerges from time to time. Towards the end of the series, he moves to Africa for a year to teach in order to further his career. He geeks out over sci-fi, especially Star Wars , but is still a very nice guy. All Men Are Perverts:

A ’70s-set sitcom couldn’t help but be defined by music, but That ’70s Show was legally forced into its final name. Early ideas included “Teenage Wasteland” and “The Kids Are Alright,” but pressure from The Who’s lawyers forced the creators to come up with something better.

But how well do you know the show? And Red almost had the ability to lay out Hyde with a swift roundhouse kick to the head. Mila Kunis lied about her age to get the role of Jackie. Snotty but surprisingly smart Jackie propelled Mila Kunis to stardom. She got the part by being perfect for it, and by playing older than she actually was. Having an actual teenager play a television teenager for once is a nice novelty. The show was almost named after a Who song.

At which point they found that test viewers had already given it the wonderfully self-aware name.

that 70s show jackie and fez

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