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By the early s computer manufacturers had begun to use semiconductor technology in commercial products, and both conventional batch-processing and time-sharing systems were in place in many large, technologically advanced companies. Host-to-host interactions were envisioned , along with access to specialized resources such as supercomputers and mass storage systems and interactive access by remote users to the computational powers of time-sharing systems located elsewhere. It connected time-sharing computers at government-supported research sites, principally universities in the United States , and it soon became a critical piece of infrastructure for the computer science research community in the United States. Tools and applications—such as the simple mail transfer protocol SMTP, commonly referred to as e-mail , for sending short messages, and the file transfer protocol FTP , for longer transmissions—quickly emerged. In order to achieve cost-effective interactive communications between computers, which typically communicate in short bursts of data, ARPANET employed the new technology of packet switching. Packet switching takes large messages or chunks of computer data and breaks them into smaller, manageable pieces known as packets that can travel independently over any available circuit to the target destination, where the pieces are reassembled. Thus, unlike traditional voice communications, packet switching does not require a single dedicated circuit between each pair of users. Commercial packet networks were introduced in the s, but these were designed principally to provide efficient access to remote computers by dedicated terminals.

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Contact Author There’s more to Hillary than publicized scandals. Source The scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton are the surface tremors of a far greater disturbance. To many, Hillary embodies a stern but kind, hard-working, wronged wife and mother. To others she is a consummately corrupt politician who has used her image and connections to reach the very top of American politics.

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United Drags a Bloodied Passenger Off a Flight View photos United Airlines felt the fallout worldwide when two security officers forcibly removed a bloodied passenger off an overbooked United flight in April — and none too gently at that. Video footage of the incident shows year-old David Dao’s head smacking against an arm rest during the altercation, then his sweater hitching up to his chest to reveal his stomach and glasses askew as security dragged him supine down the aisle and off the flight.

Consumers worldwide reacted with horror and quickly called for a boycott. United CEO Oscar Munoz apologized for the incident in rather sanitized corporate speak, saying “this is an upsetting event to all of us here at United” — underestimating just how viscerally disturbing the video had been, and how dissatisfied fliers were with the airline industry.

Adding salt to the open wound, media reports revealed that Munoz had called Dao “disruptive and belligerent” in a letter to employees. While the incident wasn’t expected to hurt profits, the debacle struck a chord among consumers who have dealt with years of flagging service standards aboard flights. Fox’s woes started in , with former anchor Gretchen Carlson filing a lawsuit against Fox News Channel’s news chief Roger Ailes, alleging sexual harassment.

The Hillary Clinton Scandals

Privacy issues[ edit ] Widening exposure of member information —12[ edit ] In , the Electronic Frontier Foundation identified two personal information aggregation techniques called “connections” and “instant personalization”. They demonstrated that anyone could get access to information saved to a Facebook profile, even if the information was not intended to be made public.

Facebook treats such relationships as public information, and the user’s identity may be displayed on the Facebook page of the product or service.

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Privacy issues[ edit ] Widening exposure of member information —12[ edit ] In , the Electronic Frontier Foundation identified two personal information aggregation techniques called “connections” and “instant personalization”. They demonstrated that anyone could get access to information saved to a Facebook profile, even if the information was not intended to be made public. Facebook treats such relationships as public information, and the user’s identity may be displayed on the Facebook page of the product or service.

As soon as you visit the sites in the pilot program Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft Docs the sites can access your name, your picture, your gender, your current location, your list of friends, all the Pages you have Liked—everything Facebook classifies as public information. Even if you opt out of Instant Personalization, there’s still data leakage if your friends use Instant Personalization websites—their activities can give away information about you, unless you block those applications individually.

That’s an illustration of how confusing they can be. A visitor to the site copied, published and later removed the code from his web forum, claiming he had been served and threatened with legal notice by Facebook. It was not a security breach and did not compromise user data in any way.

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By Lucinda Shen December 31, Though stock markets were deceptively calm in , there was no shortage of bad actors and public relations snafus. Bribery charges hit Samsung, sexual harassment allegations chased Weinstein Co. Here are some of the biggest business scandals in Chamber Of Commerce in Washington, D. Photograph by Rob Kim—Getty Images Sexual harassment allegations plagued many companies in , including entertainment giant 21st Century Fox.

Still, the news was upsetting to shareholders who considered the multiple allegations a sign of a company culture that allowed for sexual harassment.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

Before receiving the patch, Elsie had bathed, had her hair washed and was up and dressed, sitting talking to a doctor. She even signed her pension book. She was acutely confused and, most likely, terrified. A further 40mg of diamorphine [a painkiller] was added, which is four times the recommended dose. As Ann says today: If you take fentanyl alone, it is only prescribed for people with intractable pain, and Mum was in no pain.

They speak of a climate of fear, with one elderly patient begging his son:

Teacher Sex Offender List: 25 Female Teacher and Student Sex Crime Scandals

Nancy Jo Sales’ latest book explores the secret lives of teenagers in social media. Sales has been studying the lives of American teenagers since the s. Most adult readers will be shocked, as Sales points out, by how wildly the adult experience of social media differs from that of a teen. This is typically followed by a kind of schoolwide shaming of the girl — never the boy that calls to mind the tarring and feathering of Puritan New England, as was with a case from Boca Raton, Fla.

And so many people were hating on her in the school and she literally had no friends left except my sister. She was being called a slut and it got to her really badly, cause she suffers from anxiety and depression, and she wanted to kill herself.

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In , as the Australian government plotted a “great firewall of Australia” intended to prevent internet users in that country from seeing websites which the government deemed unsuitable, Wikileaks got hold of the proposed blacklist. Getty Images It published them despite warnings from Bjorn Landfeldt, a University of Sydney professor involved in creating the list, that the list “constitute[d] a condensed encyclopedia of depravity and potentially very dangerous material” and “the concerned parent’s worst nightmare” as children would inevitably seek it out.

About half of the listed items were not child pornography or anything similar, but included Wikipedia entries, YouTube videos, fringe religious sites, fetish, straight and gay pornography, and even a travel agent’s website and one of a dentist in Queensland. Trafigura’s Minton Report In the internet went crazy over oil trading company Trafigura’s attempts to block publication of an internal study about the health effects of waste dumping in Africa. In , the Trafigura shipping company leased the Probo Koala and offloaded more than tonnes of waste from the vessel in Ivory Coast.

A local company charged with disposing of the waste dumped it on open-air rubbish tips in the commercial capital Abidjan, a city of four million people, sparking an environmental catastrophe Credit: EPA The draft report, written by scientific consultant John Minton, said that the chemical processes Trafigura used to clean the dumped gasoline was amateurish and would probably have left dangerous sulphur compounds untreated.

It was said that these compounds could cause severe burns to the skin and to the lungs, permanent ulceration, corneal damage, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of consciousness and death to people who came into contact with it.

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Overview[ edit ] The investigation of senator expenses began in November with the living expense claims of Patrick Brazeau [5] and the travel expense claims of Pamela Wallin. It acknowledged Deloitte’s finding that the criteria for determining a senator’s primary residence was lacking. On February 1, , the Harper government sought clarification from the Supreme Court of Canada on the federal government’s legislative power to reform or abolish the Senate.

On April 25, the court ruled that this could not be done through federal legislation, but rather required constitutional amendment.

7 of YouTube’s most shocking scandals, from ‘kidnappings’ to fake pregnancies. Welcome to the dark side of vlogging.

It will be the largest of several interconnected data centres spread throughout the US. The order is untargeted, meaning that the NSA can snoop on calls without suspecting anyone of wrongdoing. It was made on 25 April, days after the Boston Marathon bombing. Under the order, the NSA only gains access to the “metadata” around calls — when they were made, what numbers they were made to, where they were made from and how long the calls lasted.

Obtaining the content of the calls, or the names or addresses of the callers would make the surveillance wiretapping, which would count as a separate issue legally. Verizon’s advertising catchphrase “Can you hear me now? Prism Internal NSA documents claim the top secret data-mining programme gives the US government access to a vast quantity of emails, chat logs and other data directly from the servers of nine internet companies.

The companies mentioned have all denied knowledge of or participation in the programme. It is unknown how Prism actually works. A slide PowerPoint presentation obtained by the Guardian — and classified as top secret with no distribution to foreign allies — was apparently used to train intelligence operatives on the capabilities of the programme.

Unlike the collection of Verizon and other phone records, Prism surveillance can include the content of communications — not just metadata.

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