Rates of three STDs in US reach record high, CDC says

We can put our winter blues to rest and bask in the knowledge that summer will soon be upon us. Need to check the weather, book movie tickets, and watch a video of goats screaming like humans? That takes just ten minutes for a person with a smartphone, fifteen minutes if you rewatch that goat video. These networks not only keep us in constant contact with our families, friends, colleagues, and the creepy mouth-breather who sat next to us in tenth grade social studies, but also allow us to form new relationships anytime, anywhere, as the mood strikes us. There are, in other words, a wide variety of emotional itches that our smartphones and access to social media allow us to scratch. In an article published this month looking at how Craigslist facilitates internet hook-ups and sexual transactions, the authors note that our advancements in technology are intricately tied to our sexual health: The widespread use of telephone services facilitated verbal communication, including phone-sex services. Easily accessible sexual encounters can engender risky sexual behaviors that in turn increase the likelihood of STD transmission 3 4. What happens when you have groups of people who frequently using the internet to locate sexual partners and who engage in risky behaviors?

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To reach these findings, the federal health agency analyzed three years worth of online paid media performance data for its “Testing Makes Us Stronger” HIV testing campaign aimed at black MSM. They found that users on dating apps were twice as likely to click on HIV prevention ads than they were on general apps — 0. The cost differential was also significant: The CDC paid only 22 cents per click on dating apps compared with 74 cents per click on other apps, according to the data shared in December.

Background: Dating sites and apps’ reach and impact on sexual networks make them a high priority for reducing STD/HIV transmission among gay and bisexual nation of public health efforts, gaining input from users, and respectful engagement of owners are imperative for reducing multiple and conflicting requests to owners, saving resources, and implementing interventions that users.

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STDs are on the rise in Miami-Dade | Miami Herald

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It may not be the sexiest new feature — but it could be the most important one. Grindr and other primarily gay dating apps are exploring ways to add the ability for people who test positive for an STD to notify partners using the app, Mashable has learned in multiple interviews with public health experts. Bauer and Wohlfeiler, the most immediate and likely iteration of this functionality will be through a section in the apps that links out to existing anonymous notification services.

Wolfheiler said that this sort of service is “currently being designed and piloted,” but that there is no firm timeline for release. In-app messaging — in which an STD notification takes place entirely within the app ecosystem — is on the table as well. Bauer said in a recent phone call with Mashable. So we’re really excited. Conversations about how the apps can play a bigger role in STD notification have been part of ongoing discussions in the consortium.

When asked about the decision to link out to STD notification resources referenced by Wohlfeiler, Grindr’s Harrison-Quintana said, “We are exploring several additional sexual health-related features for our application. However, at this time, we are not disclosing any further details around this project. While experts greeted that move enthusiastically, Grindr also became embroiled in controversy after Buzzfeed learned that it was sharing HIV status and location data with third parties.

Popularity of ‘hookup apps’ blamed for surge in sexually transmitted infections

Order Reprint of this Story August 01, The rise in sexually transmitted diseases is an unsettling and largely unnoticed trend, said Alex Moreno, the clinical program manager for the adolescent medicine division at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. In , there were

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There are several reasons for this. However, three things happened recently that have got me thinking not about STDs themselves, but about how we behave when we suspect we have one, get tested, and share this information with current and future partners. The second thing that happened is that I received this email from a reader: When I was younger read teenage, dumb and thought I was in love I ended up contracting herpes from my then boyfriend.

Now, this puts me in a sticky situation when it comes to dating and hook ups. I have always been upfront and honest about my situation with any perspective partner and usually tell them in a neutral setting with out any of the sexual tension. I tend to prefer a FWB because of this as opposed to a casual hook up. What are your thoughts on the subject?

How do you see it when it comes to telling a potential partner? The third thing that happened was that a young woman I know realized something was up with her lady parts and went to get tested. She had had sex without a condom, so she figured she had gotten very unlucky. Here was her mantra as she waited for all the various test results: Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, fine, whatever.

Obviously, no STD is fun.


These are apps that are dedicated to dating and hooking up. With the increased popularity of these apps, researchers have also noticed an increase in the number of STD cases. Are Apps causing more infections? A new study recently revealed that these hook-up apps are somewhat responsible for the boost in STD rates the past months. It explained how these served as instruments that allow people looking for casual sex to easily find others with the same mindset.

But health experts increasingly view apps and sites such as Tinder, Grindr, and OkCupid as enablers of high-risk sex, helping people meet and hook up more efficiently than ever before.

Share this article Share A lawsuit filed on Tuesday says the pair met in when she was living in Aspen, Colorado. But they didn’t hook up until the summer of when they started a passionate affair in Manhattan. Brown has been married four times According to the woman’s lawyer, they had trysts in a Donald Trump building and the royal suite in the Waldorf-Astoria, New York. The couple said they would both test for sexually transmitted diseases before becoming intimate, court papers show.

The woman’s tests came back clear and Brown told her his tests gave the same results. But, according to the suit, he was not telling the truth. The suit says that in December the woman found out she had vaginal and anal herpes. She got the latter because Brown refused to wear a condom and ‘forcibly had anal sex with the plaintiff,’ the suit alleges. I guess he spells it with a Y. He was convicted in of hitting his third wife with a bedpost when she was seven months pregnant, pleading no contest to assault.

He was acquitted by a Houston jury last October of assaulting his fourth wife by throwing a humanitarian award and vases at her.

Dating apps fire back at billboards linking STD spread

As much as we bitch about this swipe happy app, it’s just too popular and works too well to leave it off the list. It has its obvious negatives, but the user friendliness, instant connecting, and massive potential match pool make it most people’s first download choice when they need a quick hook up or confidence-boosting attention. Whether you love it or think it’s trash, it’s going to be one of the best for the foreseeable future, and those are just facts.

That’s the same group that’s most likely to use so-called “hook-up” apps like Tinder, which are growing in popularity. London says those apps are a huge concern when it comes to the spread.

Students confirm that as far as they’re concerned, the dinner-and-a-movie date is for old fogies. According to Bonham, the desire to have more personal free time, as well as time to hang out with friends, lead to a desire for open relationships, with the need for “me” time greatly exceeding the desire for “we” time. Kirschner says teenagers also are becoming more of the center of attention within their families, causing college students to be less likely to embrace serious relationships, in which he or she must give up a part of their ego.

Heppt said underclassmen in particular don’t feel forced to commit because people around them aren’t committed. On the other hand, Heppt said juniors and seniors in college often feel the need to settle down because they realize that they are almost adults, and that they can handle a mature relationship. They also might be looking to the future and beginning to worry about ending up alone. But students have more than loneliness to fear. According to the U.

When it comes to HIV, about 50 percent of new cases occur in people under the age of

How to Hook Up With Someone You Don’t Know?

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No Response Rikter, Bravo! Good for you for asking about his status. Your own well-being must be your chief concern at all times. Sometimes we let the horniness take over us and forget to handle pertinent business like that. That word should not be used as a get out of jail free card when it comes to the way that you choose to have sex with someone. As permanent of a thing as HIV is for the moment , it is more than understandable for someone to make the choice to not get in the pool rather than to trudge the waters and hope for the best.

Jun 12,  · Gay men who hook up by using smartphone apps may be at higher risk for some sexually transmitted infections than men who find sexual partners through online dating, or in .

Despite racy headlines suggesting that college kids are increasingly choosing casual liaisons over serious relationships, a new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association finds that just under one-third of college students have had more than one partner in the past year. Gen Xers were actually more likely to have sex weekly or more frequently compared with millenials, according to the research.

In other words, today as in the past, most students having sex are still doing so in the context of some type of ongoing relationship. College Students May Prefer Relationship Sex to Casual Hookups The research involved data on nearly 2, people from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey that asks a wide range of questions and has been carried out since Kathleen Bogle, author of Hooking Up: Bogle argues that what is now called hookup culture began in the s, after birth control became widely available and the age of marriage began rising.

At that point, the couple ceased to be the center of college social life, and dating with the aim of marrying in college or shortly thereafter fell out of style. But Bogle and Monto do agree that students tend to think their peers hook up far more frequently than they actually do. One study found that on average, students report a total of five to seven hookups in their entire college career.

Crazy Dating Apps: Cuddlr, Tinder and STD

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